spicy macaroni

4 servings

350 g. champignon mushrooms,
One lemon, one onion
1 garlic clove, oil, butter
300 g. sausage
1 can of parboiled tomatoes
Salt, pepper
400 g. (striped) macaroni
Grana padano as needed

Dice cleaned mushrooms, put them in a bowl with water (where lemon juice has been added) . shallow fry onion and garlic with 50 g. of butter. Add mushrooms and simmer them until they loose all their water. Add chpped sausage and immediately the parboiled tomatoes (skinless and seedless if you don’t use canned ones).
Until ready. Boil macaroni pasta al dente and drain. Put dressed macaroni into a baking tin, cover the pasta grated with grana padano and bits of butter. Bake until it gates au gratin.

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